FIMO is a versatile and vibrant, oven-hardening range of modelling clay.  FIMO is easy to knead, comes ready to use, and is available in a huge range of bright, rich colours.  This easy-to-use clay is perfect for all ages.

Staedtler Fimo Blades

Staedtler FIMO Clay Mould

Staedtler Fimo Create & Play Sets

Staedtler Fimo Form & Play Sets

Staedtler Fimo Grind Polish Set

Staedtler Fimo Jewellery Set

Staedtler Fimo Kids Modelling Clay

Staedtler FIMO Liquid Decorating Gel

Staedtler Fimo Metal Leaf

Staedtler FIMO Mix Quick

Staedtler FIMO Push Mould

Staedtler Fimo Shaped Cutters

Staedtler FIMO Soft Modelling Clay

Staedtler FIMO Texture Sheets

Staedtler FIMO Varnish

Staedtler FIMOair Basic

Staedtler FIMOair Microwave

Staedtler FIMOair Natural

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