Celco produces a large range of adhesives, scissors, erasers, sharpeners, mechanical pencils and drawing aids. The Celco Products deliver good quality at affordable prices

Celco Binder Bars

Celco Circle Template

Celco Clear Mesh Pouch

Celco Compass

Celco Craft Blade Set

Celco Drawing Board Clips

Celco Ellipse Template

Celco Flexible Curves

Celco Geometry Template

Celco Glue Stick

Celco Large Plastic Cutter

Celco Letter Clips

Celco Lettering Templates

Celco Lightweight Plastic Cutter

Celco Medium Weight Metal Sleeve Knife

Celco Plastic T-Squares

Celco Protractors

Celco Scissors

Celco Set Squares

Celco Soft White Vinyl Eraser

Steel Ruler

Celco Utility Knife

Celco Wooden Ruler With Handle

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