4M specialises in craft kits for the curious and creative minded child. 4M was established in 1993 and is globally recognised for its innovative and educationional porducts. With kits ranging from solar powered robots to doll making kits 4M craft kits will keep kids entertained for hours.

4M Candle Making Kit Mini Animal Kit

4M Catapult Making Kit

Butterfly Nesting Trinket Boxes

Crystal Mining Kit

Design Your Own Umbrella Kit

Glow In The Dark Embroidery

Glow in the Dark Moon and Stars

Kitchen Science

Mould & Paint Kits

Mould & Paint Trucks Kit

Origami Kits

Paint Your Own Coin Bank

Pump Rocket Science Kit

Rainbow Bee Suncatcher

Salt Water Car

Science Magic Sets

Solar Plane Mobile

Spiral Art Machine

Stitch A Doll & Kitty

Stitch A Doll & Puppy

Weaving Loom

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