Product Safety

At Eckersley's, we place great importance on the safe use of our products. This section provides links to important safety information provided by our suppliers pertaining to the art and craft products we sell.

Below, we have provided website links for as many brands as possible. We have provided a contact email address or phone number for those brands not accessible via the internet. Please contact the supplier directly to request the current safety guidelines for the product you intend to use.

3M Australia: View website

A>2 Acrylics: View website

Absolute Matte: View website

Art Spectrum: View website


Atelier: View website

Atelier Interactive: View website


Chroma: View website

Chromacryl: View website

Composimold: View website

Daler Rowney:

Derivan: View website

Educational Colours (EC): View website



Global Colours: View website




Jo Sonja's: View website


Lumière Jacquard:

Matisse: View website


Pearl Ex:


If you require safety information for a product brand not listed above, please email and we will endeavour to locate the information for you.

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